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thejeunessedoree's Podcast

The Jeunesse Doree persists.

Aug 28, 2007

Epiphany Diner.  Haunted Mansion.  Hot dog or Corn Dog?  Confronting Patriot Radio. 

Bucky Beaver?  Prostate Cancer.  At the Marines exhibit.  Poet Laureate for Minnesota.  The DFL Stance.  Hungry again.  Corn Fritters.  University of Minnesota’s Great English Majors.  Persist despite injury.  At the Chapel.  Let’s eat.  Dipping Dots.  The Great Machine.  They don’t eat corn in Germany!   Minnesota Zydeco!  We meet a fellow student.  At the Quilt center!  Creative Activities.  Lefse Bakery.  “She always has to go.?  Colleges and Lions.  Jesse Ventura!  Pickle Shirt.  A question at the Mensa Exhibit.    

A Strange Scene!  The Parades!  Ronald McDonald Confronted.  Finger or Thumbs Down?  Appalling Uniforms.  The Mounties!  Polka Spotlight.  Al Franken Speaks!  We cheer!  Al remembers Dwight Eisenhower.  Joe Lieberman’s Teeth.  Petting a Piglet.  Future Farmers of America.  A Musical Interlude.  Sheep bleating.  Final Thoughts.  On the Bus.  Bus driver yells at kid who has hand out window.  We overhear a guy who sounds just like the Rainman.  He discusses Minnesota wrestlers of the sixties.  Mad Dog.  The Baron.  All nice guys.  “My aunt went out on a date with the Crusher.?  Cindy Lou the Dog.  Listen to this guy.  Perfect!!!!!!!!