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The Jeunesse Doree persists.

Mar 26, 2007

From the Introduction to her Book "Gardens of Eden" by Leslie Burton Blades author of "Fruit of the Forbidden Tree."

"Quite young and alone in a strange land, she found herself at the outbreak of the World War in the United States and facing the inexorable knowledge that her German relatives were plunged into the anguish and terror of that great disaster.

Disconsolate, her tongue condemning her to the suspicion and dislike of war inflamed people, she was forced to solitude to seek what comfort could be found in communion with nature.

She begins to write...without knowledge of the technique so highly developed in English poetry...

Such an impulse has prompted many a poet; but few there are who, lacking the irresistible urge of glowing genius, would have attempted poetry in a tongue the rudiments of which were scarcely familiar...Yet..the author bent herself mercilessly to the mastery of English...speaking in a strange tongue, without the knowledge our literary traditions, unacquainted with the trend of our present day poetry...

Dr. H. Spencer Lewis (on the flyleaf of the book jacket) remarks "The first poem is certainly symbolic and very beautiful."  Dr Lewis is none other than Harvey Spencer Lewis F.R.C., Ph.D. (November 25, 1883 – August 2, 1939), a famous Rosicrucian author, occultist, and mystic.

These poems were also endorsed by Paul Swan -- the most beautiful man in the world.

This is the only recording of her poetry available.

Here -- at the Jeunesse Doree.