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thejeunessedoree's Podcast

The Jeunesse Doree persists.

Apr 29, 2006

Did you miss the Flarf festival?  Here is an account exactly (well, almost) transcribed then recited.  The temptation to overlay it all with various news from the suffering world resisted.   At least.

fourteen and a half years ago

Boy that one was kick ass. Do it again dad do it again! It\'s almost as good as Bill Porter when he used to blow cigarette smoke into a empty Brill cream tube and make it puff out smoke rings.

VAGINA! Liberating.

fourteen and a half years ago

And I thought you\'d given up cocaine!

fourteen and a half years ago

Yer kidding me. Why didn\'t you tell me before.

Fric you and your fricatives. Bleh!

Are you sure though? I mean really really sure?

Davis Monthan

Gutenberg Bible

Lemony Snicket and his popular camera that takes things that don\'t belong to him.

Where will the snafus end!

And about doing something with the Pyramid Scheme called the Pushcart Nominations?
You know I noticed recently that people who have been nominated tend to feel they have WON something..when in fact they have merely been nominated BY THE THOUSANDS by their buddies....what distinguishes that from the old Mail Order Anthology Scheme in which they try to convince folks that their poem is a One Of A Kind that deserves commemoration in a big fat and expensive Anthology which they OUGHT to buy...for their own good. Is W. W. Norton any different except of course, Norton employs Billie Collins on the great panel of CHOOSERS of the CHOSEN.

Damn. Even better, why doesn\'t TIM nominate RINTY for a Pushcart? Afterall, TIM is Rinty\'s publisher as much as he is Joe\'s and vice versa.

Imagine the havoc that could be wreaked at the Amway of Publishing Houses. I\'ll bet Kent would love the idea.