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thejeunessedoree's Podcast

The Jeunesse Doree persists.

Oct 30, 2006

A visit with my mother.  This summer. Concertina stylings by Joe Green.

juicy couture outlet
eleven and a half years ago

Disturb the pressing campus is a limitless memory, friendship and laughter. A school year is ready to end, luxuriant Juicy Couture slowly point to airborne campus..

Neil C. Leach, Jr.
fifteen and a half years ago

the pleasantly creaky weaze of the concetina - patient verses dealt in a smooth and calming manner - life scraps snatched from intimate converstions - the whole built into an warm, organic format with a taste of shaded memory and thinning retrolust.

a worthy effort.
a worthy listen.

fifteen and a half years ago

what does \"retrolust\" mean?

almost fifteen years ago