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thejeunessedoree's Podcast

The Jeunesse Doree persists.

Mar 13, 2007

"In Lunar Conversation" read by Sir Douglas Falstaff.

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Blue Tattoo
almost thirteen years ago

See above???? SEE???? Note the TIME I posted!

I demand a retraction over there at the daily gazette!

(Great piece, BTW, Cannot.)

almost thirteen years ago

Just browsing poetry sites and I found this one.
Any idea where I can buy this book?

almost thirteen years ago

well done! commented at JD too

Ajay Prakash
almost thirteen years ago

O O O O that Shakespeherian Wag :-)

But seriously, it sounds terrific.

Blue Tattoo
almost thirteen years ago

I\'d listened to this several times already; a real pleasure to listen again. I apologize for not leaving a prior comment, so I leave it now:

FUCKING STELLAR RENDITIONS! I love all the pods; this is by no means an exception. Keep it up, Joe.